Swimming pool filtration pumps

Key and essential equipment for your swimming pool, the filtration pump is an integral part of the filtration system. It is in principle located in the technical room, a dry and ventilated place, in order to avoid any risk of malfunction (overheating, humidity).

Swimming pool filtration pumps

What is a swimming pool filtration pump?

As its name suggests, the filtration pump sucks dirty water from the pool and sends it to the filter in order to give it a complete cleaning. This allows it to be freed of its impurities before being returned clean to your pool thanks to its circular operation. So, what exactly is a swimming pool filtration pump?

How to choose the swimming pool filtration pump?

To benefit from good water quality, whether your pool is above ground or not, the filtration pump is necessary to ensure good filtration. From its flow rate to its power, whether or not it should be self-priming, discover how to choose the filtration pump swimming pool effectively.

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