Single speed filtration pump versus variable speed pump

Single speed or variable speed swimming pool filtration pump?

The filtration pump is essential equipment for the proper functioning of the filtration system and is the essential player in the cleanliness of the swimming pool. The models evolve to adapt to the conditions of use and environmental conditions. Traditionally, the swimming pool filtration pump is single-speed, but in recent years the two- or even three-speed filtration pump has appeared and developed. So, what are the advantages of each and how to choose the most suitable swimming pool filtration pump for your installation?

The single speed swimming pool pump

Whatever the circumstances, even unusual ones, heatwave, increased attendance, or absence of swimmers... the “classic” single-speed pump has a single motor and always runs at full power.

Pool skimming and water disinfection are only possible when the pool pump is running. This cycle is equal to the allotted filtration time (generally: water temperature divided by two).

If a waterfall adorns the swimming pool, an additional filtration pump must be installed or the power of the filtration pump must be increased.

At equal power, the price of a single-speed pump is more attractive than that of a multi-speed filtration pump.

The variable speed swimming pool pump

With a multi-speed filtration pump, it is possible to modulate the power and flow rate according to the cleanliness of the pool, the number of people using the pool, the weather conditions, etc. The settings are precise and tailor-made according to the needs of the pool. the situation.

When the pool is clean and uncrowded, the pump runs 24 hours a day at low speed. As a result, the filtration is of better quality and more efficient, in addition, the treatment products are distributed continuously. Despite a longer operating time, it remains less electricity intensive than the single-speed pump and allows for substantial savings on the energy bill but also on treatment products.

The circulation of water in the swimming pool is permanent. Automatic processing and/or heating benefits from optimization of their functionality while minimizing energy costs.

The variable speed pump is quieter. It is preferred when the premises are close to the living space or living space, particularly for indoor swimming pools.

As the full power of the device is used wisely and not constantly, its lifespan is longer.

The variable speed pump also allows you to install a waterfall or water features, while maintaining the same quality of filtration.

The swimming pool filtration pump is a crucial component for the general functioning of the swimming pool. Power and flow are fundamental points for choosing this equipment. The variable speed pump is undoubtedly the one to favor, if the budget allows it!

To correctly choose the swimming pool filtration pump best suited to your installation, it is essential to know what flow rate for the swimming pool filtration pump and what power for the swimming pool filtration pump must be taken into account. Different types of swimming pool filtration pumps exist. To help you in your choice, let's compare the centrifugal versus self-priming filtration pump.

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